Monday, June 2, 2008

Noise poster in London, Old Street, Shoreditch

ok, one more video

Another video of the London poster

This is how the posters show the decibels, amazing isn't it?

Monday, April 14, 2008

School kids and nightclub owner join forces against noise polution

Also in London AEG-Electrolux has erected a giant poster to monitor the noise level ‘live, as it happens’ on a busy road: Old Street Foundry in Shoreditch.

The poster is sited above a local night club and on a main route to local schools and local people have already started to take an interest - instead of just walking past the poster they are stopping and looking for a while before walking on. Local school kids are taking it a step further and are deliberately shouting at the sign in unison in order to make the numbers change. The Manager of the night club is finding the poster helpful too – he taking photos of the sign in the early hours of the morning to show the local council that he is not making too much noise!

This is the massive Madrid poster, one of several giant posters sited by the company across major cities in Europe (Berlin, Madrid, Brussels and Milan) to measure the ambient noise level – and to promote its range of quiet appliances. Decibel meters connected remotely to LED screens on the giant poster will display the current decibel level 24 hours a day. Watch as the meter constantly changes throughout the day and night.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

AEG-Electrolux - Campaigning Against Noise with giant noise posters

If you’re in London, Berlin, Madrid, Brussels or Milan, keep an eye out for giant AEG-Electrolux posters which are measuring and displaying ambient noise levels.
The giant posters created by blowUp media are driving a unique campaign to promote a “silent” washing machine from AEG-Electrolux, a leading European white goods brand. Decibel meters are being installed in and around a number of the sites to monitor ambient noise levels. These are then connected remotely to LED screens embedded in the giant poster creative where the current decibel level will be displayed.

The decibel levels at each site location will also be fed to a campaign website (in UK, allow users to compare noise levels in the five cities as well as find out more information on this issue.

"blowUP media love working on innovative projects such as this," says Dominic Gesua, UK Sales Director blowUP media. “AEG-Electrolux are pushing the boundaries of what giant posters and outdoor can do. We believe the striking nature of the displays will really raise the awareness of this important social issue.”
Planning and media buying has been handled by ZenithOptimedia's International team."This exciting initiative activates the key AEG comms objectives, which include content creation and leverage of innovative digital outdoor solutions," says Sam Selleck, Senior Account Manager, ZenithOptimedia.
The Berlin poster
The posters are part of the 360° AEG Silent Laundry campaign, which is an example of the new way of thinking within the AEG-Electrolux brand team. "The key aim of this campaign was to create awareness on the issue of noise in and outside of the people’s homes and offer AEG laundry products as a solution to minimise it. But rather than running only traditional print or TV spots, we communicate the same message at all possible consumer touch points," says Alexander Buhl, European Brand Director at AEG-Electrolux.

The climax of the campaign will be reached at the International Noise Awareness Day on 16th April 2008. AEG PR spokespersons will invite local press at the sites to further inform them about the background of the campaign, using domestic noise research (AEG Noise Report) conducted by the company.

“AEG knows that word-of-mouth, online and PR are key drivers of brand engagement and purchase decisions,” says Ulrich Gartner, Vice President Communications Europe. “This campaign is a very good example of using these elements as a part of the bigger picture.





The AEG Noise Report

Noise poster in Brussels

and the site in Milan