Monday, April 14, 2008

School kids and nightclub owner join forces against noise polution

Also in London AEG-Electrolux has erected a giant poster to monitor the noise level ‘live, as it happens’ on a busy road: Old Street Foundry in Shoreditch.

The poster is sited above a local night club and on a main route to local schools and local people have already started to take an interest - instead of just walking past the poster they are stopping and looking for a while before walking on. Local school kids are taking it a step further and are deliberately shouting at the sign in unison in order to make the numbers change. The Manager of the night club is finding the poster helpful too – he taking photos of the sign in the early hours of the morning to show the local council that he is not making too much noise!

This is the massive Madrid poster, one of several giant posters sited by the company across major cities in Europe (Berlin, Madrid, Brussels and Milan) to measure the ambient noise level – and to promote its range of quiet appliances. Decibel meters connected remotely to LED screens on the giant poster will display the current decibel level 24 hours a day. Watch as the meter constantly changes throughout the day and night.

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daxx2k said...

This f***** contraption is raising the noise around Shoreditch area in London!! 'cause all the people are screaming every hour of the day and night to this f**** advertisement,we already informed the police about it.

thanks a lot! -_-